МЛМ лидер Mashell Chapeyama

МЛМ лидер Mashell Chapeyama
был(а) 31 Oct 2023 08:33

I am Mashell Chapeyama, an affiliate Marketer, a writer, a blogger and an educationists. I usually write material on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

For a very long time I have been working with various companies that include Web Token Profit, SFI, Decenturion and Levelnaut.

At Web Token Profit, I am a language manager, helping people to understand what Web Token does. I managed to help many people to join this platform, which has 7 investment platforms, giving leverage to many investors. The best thing about Web Token Profit is that investors do not incur loses. These are stable investements.

SFI is one of the renowned affiliate marketing company, with more than 100 000 products and operating in more than 200 countries. Since its inception in 1998, it has allowed thousands of people to get stable income monthly. Its marketing material and mentorship programs are highly-rated.


Levelnaut is one of the best creation of 2020, as it offers many opportunities to many people from around the world. I joined Levelnaut soon after its inception and I rose to become the Public Relations Manager. The best thing I like about Levelnaut is the team work shown by all members. It also has a great way of mentoring and coaching its members, through different chats, on the most popular socia media platforms such as Telegram, LinkedIn and Facebook. 

The focus of Levelnaut is to help people against scamming by educating them on genuine earning opportunities. 


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